Fit Flight Series

01. Juggler

Darts should be more open and free

Players should have the freedom to customize their darts to their liking. With the vast array of options Juggler provides, players have that freedom! Juggler is our original brand. Juggler offers a fun extensive assortment of barrels, flights and shafts. You can customize yours today at our website. From simple design to funky cool look, you will find the one that suits your style. Juggler/ Juggler QUEEN flights are limited in quantity. Please don’t miss your chance to get the one you like.

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02. Juggler QUEEN

For women who love to express their individuality

Juggler QUEEN is a brand for women who would like to enjoy darts as more fashionable. Please find a one-of-a-kind barrel set-up for yourself!
Juggler QUEEN barrels offer everything, a stunning looking dart with superb levels of grip. There are total 12 different types from 1st to 4th series. Brass barrels are available for option.

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