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  • 2022.04.14

Hello out there! It’s time for us to reveal our April offerings to all you wonderful people!
Here’s a hint: it’s a Trish-tastic bunch!


FANTASIA 3_steel

One of Canada’s top Ladies dartists (yes, dartist, because she’s an artist at the oche!), Trish Grzesik has designed her third rendition of her Fantasia barrels with us. These barrels offer a comforting grip with a fantastic look!

Weight 20.0g(soft) / 23.0g(steel)
Max Dia 6.7mm
Length 51.0mm
Material 90% Tungsten
1 Set 3 × Barrels


Fit Flight × Trish Grzesik 4

Kiss the dartboard with these roses! Trish has worked with us to come up with the fantastic rose-themed flights. We’ve designed these to give you a beautiful, full four-sided print.
They’re available in Fit Flight Standard and Super Slim.

These new items will start appearing on shelves around the 28th of April! Be sure to pester your closest Cosmo Partner to get them in stock!

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