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  • 2021.07.12

Hello There!
We’re proud to announce our new releases for July 2021!


Get ready for the new and
Exciting barrels by star Japanese player
Natsumi Iwata! Kinjo-Tenka is a Japanese
Expression that means “More beautiful than beautiful!”
Really, these barrels are beauties!
All their specs are here.
Let’s take a look!

Weight 18.5g
Max Diameter 7.2mm
Length 43.0mm
Material 90% Tungsten
1 Set 3 × Barrels

Fit Flight AIR × Natsumi Iwata 3

Kinjo-Tenka maybe more beautiful than beautiful, but so are these new flights!
Enjoy these exquisitely designed flights, our third with
Natsumi Iwata.
Once you buy these
Beautiful flights
It’s all you’ll want to use.

Fit Flight × Steve West 2

We’ve got some new flights for Steve West! You don’t have to worry about these sand-blasted flights getting everywhere, just in the spots you want!

Fit Flight (AIR) Printed Series|Trench

Look out below! Is what you’ll be saying as you blow by your competition with theses seismic beauties!

These items should be hitting our distributors’ shelves on July 23rd! Be sure to ask about their availability!
As always, Thank you all so much for you support!


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