Fit Flight Series

01. Fit Flight

What COSMO DARTS pursued is “simple and stress free set-up darts”.

By producing exclusive flights and shafts, COSMO DARTS succeeded in developing an ideal “Fit System” that not only has beauty, but also superb functionality and comfort for us.
The dart flight, maintains its trajectory at four, 90 degree angles. COSMO DARTS achieved easy installation by adopting the Push-in System. It has reduced stress and enables players to focus on their dart game. We have also chosen and adopted the most suitable plastic resin as a material for the flights and designed a highly sophisticated injection-molded technique producing high quality flights that have combined high-performance with usability. The repeated strength tests and detailed analyses of the flight during time to market realized an ideal balance between durability and weight of the flight.

  • Fit Flight

    COSMO DARTS Original
    Innovative Flight

    COSMO DARTS has designed and evolved durable molded flights in an original way. Fit Flight reduces deflections and maintains consistency in the air by reducing unnecessary parts. The rigid material of the Fit Flight gives your darts more sense of stability. These flights come in various shapes and colors that will suit any player.

  • Fit Flight AIR

    Thinner, lighter and more flexible

    Fit Flight AIR is approximately 35% thinner and 33% less weight than the original Fit Flight. Even though the Fit Flight AIR has been reduced in thickness, the durability of the flight has been maintained due to its flexibility. They are available in a wide variety of shapes and beautiful transparent color.

  • Fit Flight Pro

    After four years of development, Fit Flight has evolved into a new area.

    We've taken years of feedback from professional and amateur dart players alike to create our most durable and customizable series yet. Fit Flight Pro offers 18 models in total. With the wide range of shapes and sizes, dart players can fine tune their setup to perfectly match their throw.

Fit Shaft

02. Fit Shaft

Fit Shaft series are only compatible with Fit Flights

By applying a new technology on the top and bottom of the shafts, we have increased their strength and stability. Compared to plastic shafts, Fit Shaft CARBON has a much higher level of durability due to the material it is made from. Carbon fibers and reinforced plastic resin produces a composite material that combines lightness, strength, and rigidity.

  • Fit Shaft CARBON

    Lightweight, strong, and rigid

    COSMO DARTS has succeeded in creating the lightweight shafts with high stiffness and strength that is comprised of reinforced plastic resin and high-strength carbon fibers. These shafts combine both the performance of lightweight plastic and the high durability of metal.

  • Fit Shaft TITANIUM

    Utilizing our latest burnt rainbow style

    Titanium shafts are corrosion resistance. Our experienced craftsmen hold themselves to the highest standard with the Fit Shaft TITANIUM. Fit Shaft TITANIUM has all the advantages of the Fit Shaft or Fit Shaft CABRON plus they are virtually more durable.
    Fit Shaft TITANIUM Plain is also available.

  • Fit Shaft Super Duralumin

    Normal type with a light weight

    COSMO DARTS took advantages of Super Duralumin characteristics, to capture the bright metallic luster and quality of this lightweight shaft. Almost identical to the weight of our Normal “Fit Shaft TITANIUM”.

  • Fit Shaft GEAR

    Offering the player a wide range of color, size and length of plastic shafts

    COSMO DARTS strives to provide you with the best material, shape, design, and functionality. We achieved this by performing destructive testing and intensity measurement repeatedly with cumulative efforts.

Fit Shaft

03. Fit Point

Available from plastic to metal points
Fit Point Series

By working on a configuration design and special surface processing, Fit Point Series we manufacture from our mold minimize dispersion of darts when sticking in the board regardless of differences in type of segment.
Fit Point METAL CONVERSION POINT is available in two types, titanium and stainless steel.
In addition, by performing all of the production process in-house, the screw of Fit Point series are finished with high precision.

  • Fit Point PLUS

    We reviewed and improved materials, design, production method of Fit Point, and we finally completed to produce Fit Point PLUS that sticks better in the board in a variety of situations. It is a masterpiece of soft tips produced by COSMO DARTS with our technology and know-how.

  • Fit Point METAL

    We designed the conversion point same silhouette shape as soft tips, and we took out the particular discomfort of conversion point. We offer an extensive product line-up to meet the needs of our customers.

  • Fit Point PLUS

    Conversion points for using soft tip darts on a steel tip bristle board. They combine the usability of Fit Point PLUS with excellent strength and lightness, and also come with a new barbed tip to help prevent fallouts. Available in 25 mm and 30 mm.

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