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  • 2021.12.16

Merry Christmas everyone!
This Christmas Eve, Santa Cosmo is bringing you some new products!!!
The following items will be hitting shelves from 2021/12/24!

Bliss 2

Fresh off his first appearance at the PDC’S World Cup of Darts, we’re proud to present Yoshihisa Baba’s Bliss 2! It’s even more blissful than the last! Check out the stats below:

Weight 20.5g(Player Signature Barrel)
Max Dia 7.0mm
Length 45.0mm
Material 90% Tungsten(Player Signature Barrel)
1 Set 3 × Barrels


Fit Flight (AIR) × Yoshihisa BABA 2

Complament those Bliss 2 with a new set of his flights! Foxy!

Fit Flight × Paula Murphy 3

EeeEEeeEEEe EEE EEee EeEe EEeeeeeE EEEeeeEE!!!
(Translation from the dolphin speak: Buy these new Paula Murphy flights! So smooth!)
The dolphins would also like to let you know that Paula will be competing in the WDF World Championship at Lakeside next April!

Fit Flight × Jayson BARLOW 3

Jayson wants YOU! to pick up the awesome new flights!

Please message and ask your local Cosmo Darts partner about their availability! 

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